Hope and Homes for the Most Vulnerable

Our Vision ...

Because a persons life challenges are as unique as we are, we each need a unique approach to find a resolution and solutions are much easier to find when sought from a safe, kind and caring environment.


Homelessness is no different, but when you have no home, no bed, no safe space, no food in the fridge and no one to talk to, life itself becomes the greatest challenge of all. Solve the; practicalities, give someone a home, a family, security and love, the remainder of the problems become less insurmountable. That is what we are looking to achieve.


The project aims to provide a permanent  way out of homelessness for those people who would normally shy away from existing  ‘homeless projects’. It is for those who want to engage in a programme without the traditional trappings of a ‘homeless project’. This is not a structure that is designed to disempower people, simply the reverse, its about enabling, guiding, helping to facilitate, but not ‘doing for’ but ‘assisting with’. This is about empowering people to be the best they can be, because each person is special.


The project is not about sinking to the lowest common denominator and being supported in staying there, it’s about aspiring to be the best of ourselves and being empowered to achieve it.


Elemel is a Community Interest Company.

Company No 11562022

Registered Office: 164 Field End Road, Eastcote, HA5 1RH

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