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Our Ambassadors

Elemel believe in ensuring representation through communication is critical. As such we work with our ambassadors with lived experience and acknowledge the importance of genuine collaboration rather than tokenistic consultation.


Technical Ambassador (Volunteer) 

Jay Martin

Jay Martin has a history of delivering IT Projects and is a proven IT Administrator and a software developer specialising in Microsoft technologies in particular the cloud. Jay was himself homeless for a number of years both on and off the street and has a vision and a heart to help homeless initiatives and people, where he can.

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Whilst working in the hospitality industry Daryl experienced personal challenges resulting in periods of homelessness and Rough Sleeping . Moving into an Elemel property Daryl found the stable and non judgemental environment enabled him to get his life back on track. 

 As an ambassador for Elemel, Daryl’s has a deep empathic understanding of a person’s trauma and experiences.  His role as mentor and ambassador invaluable as Elemel work towards ensuring we our led by the people we work for .

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