Our People

The direction of any organisation is determined by its leadership. Elemels Directors and Senior Staff Team each bring different but relevant experiences to their roles. All of us have a passion for the Homeless Community and a firm belief in fairness and equality. 

David Williams


David Williams is a musician and singer from North London. His earlier careers as a Civil Servant and a Management Consultant have helped equip him for the role he plays with Elemel.

Jo Booth

Director of Projects

Jo is an exceptional Senior Manager with over 15 years' experience in the provision of care and services to vulnerable adults with dependency, behavioural and mental health issues

Will Van Zwanenberg

Director & Secretary

Will is our non-official in-House legal Beagle. As well as fulfilling his role as a director, Will helps to ensure that Elemel remains compliant and that  meets its legal obligations.

Sam Courtney

Senior Business Consultant

After many years of hospitality management I stepped into the third sector 7 years ago and now thoroughly enjoy applying the skills I've acquired from successfully leading, managing and shaping teams and businesses over 15 years, to organisations and projects which seek to make positive societal change.  


Elemel is a project that moves me. Its vision is refreshing and inspiring and I'm excited to see what the future holds- for the project and for the people we have the potential to reach. 

Angelique Glata

Founder & Director

Angelique Glata calls on over 20 years in the  provision and management of emergency housing to allow the groundbreaking vision of Elemel to deliver in reality.

Katie Abby Martin 

IT & Development Manager

Katie, has worked for numerous companies over her 20 year career, both in software development roles and systems including cloud undertaking with both EC2 and Azure. Katie was herself homeless for a period and lived in emergency housing so is very passionate about Elemel’s values and mission

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